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Bryan is the #1 Cigar reviewer on the internet and we are pleased to have him review The Cigar Bar! He has a stellar reputation in the cigar world and has over 139,000 subscribers.

He has over 41 Million views on YouTube.

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My name is MartĂ­n Amaya and I love smoking cigars and sharing the notes and nuances I get from them. If you're a cigar lover or looking to get into an amazing hobby, please consider joining the notification squad so that we can chat about the great things and have a good time! I post videos weekly (Mondays & Weds-Fri. at 11 Central standard time).

He has over 600,000 views on YouTube.

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Leander McClain is a cigar lover and musician. This channel will feature cigar reviews. I smoke a variety of cigars and give you my opinion.

He has over 1.7 Million views on YouTube.

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Will describes himself as an average Joe who loves cigars. "I want to educate and share my love for cigars, so with that said you can find Reviews, Pairings, History, Events and Basic 101. So if you are new to cigars or a seasoned smoker check out my channel and enjoy."

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  1. M.C. - "It's like the Ridge wallet for cigars"

  2. A.C. - "It's as if God made it"

  3. D.D. "As a man of impeccable style, it pairs well with all of my suits"

  4. S.K. "I am always on the move and this is always with me"

  5. A.C. " Traveling to "The Casa" in Toronto often, this is always a piece other patrons talk about"

  6. D.S. "I would never consider using anything else, why would you?"

  7. C.L. "I use it daily while I smoke Cubans in Warsaw Poland"

  8. T.R. "As a manager of a Habanos in Cuba, guests always ask where they can purchase one"

  9. B.E. "I never knew I needed it until now"

  10. J.C. "Sailing across the world it is so helpful while you are in the high seas"

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